Tuesday, July 16, 2019

What’s the Best Way to Spend a Vacation in Goa?

Doing Adventure Activities in Goa is the best way to spend your vacation here.  There’s a store of valuable and delightful adventure sports in Goa that wouldn’t require mastery in swimming, you just need to have the heart to plunge into the sea with your life jacket on. One can do scuba diving, parasailing, and many more activities in Goa. So add these activities in your list of things to do in Goa.

What are the adventure activities you can do in Goa?

SCUBA DIVING – How about Scuba diving in one of the best reefs in India, Scuba Diving in Goa is something that you should never miss. Many people are concerned whether it is safe or not, to do scuba diving and whether non-swimmers can try this activity or not? The answer is YES, it is completely safe to do scuba diving and even non-swimmers can try it, for the safety you are provided a certified trainee to perform scuba diving. Only for advanced courses of Scuba diving, you will have to know swimming. The beginner fun scuba diving course doesn’t require any swimming.

SNORKELING – After scuba diving comes the easiest and one of the most beautiful things to do in Goa, snorkeling. It is yet another amazing way to explore the beautiful marine life and corals of the Goa. From umpteen varieties of fishes to plant species, you can find everything while you snorkel in the clear waters of Goa. You can see the beautiful underwater marine life and view the rarest of corals while enjoying one of the best Water Sports in Goa. We bet that it won’t leave you disappointed.

PARASAILING – You can experience the fun and thrill as you parasail above the twinkling waters of Goa. Parasailing is one of the favorite water sports in Goa. You will tie behind a motorboat while harnessed in a parachute. So, you can fly like a kite behind the boat as it speeds off into the sea. It is a superbly thrilling activity, and there are chances you might get to dip into the water too, while parasailing. With the mixture of airborne and water adventure, you will definitely fall in love with this sport.

JET SKIING – For those of you who are looking for an activity different than the usual, then the Jet Ski Rides in Goa is the perfect sport for you. You will feel the thrill as you break through the turquoise water in a criss-cross way. You will get the splashed right on your face as you ride in this amazing machine. Control your moves and the Jet Ski will give you the best experience of your life. Out of all the adventure activities in Goa, jet skiing definitely stands out.

BANANA RIDE – Guys hold on tight as you try this one of a kind Banana Boat Riding in Goa and make your adventure a lot more thrilling one. Out of all experience activities in Goa, banana boat rides are considered as the best one. This is another adventure water sports activity in Goa which is a must try for you. Also, you will be provided an instructor who will guide you through the end of your ride. Feel the thrill as you take those freaking turns. You can ride along with your friends which is a lot more exciting.

Think yourself that How does it feel to be inside the water with gigantic coral reefs or to be on top of waves while you are gliding across the sea surface? Well, it feels simply awesome!

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